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Stay Hydrated

Not only do you need to stay hydrated, make sure that your lawn is watered and also your plants.

Water is a necessity to our body’s health and the main element necessary for any form of life to thrive. Plants are living things just like us and require certain levels of H2O in order to grow proficiently and reproduce. Below are some specific reasons why water is certainly vital to plants.

  • Photosynthesis – this is the process through which plants manufacture their own food. Plants use water to manufacture carbohydrates, which are essential for energy supply throughout the plant. If water is insufficient, plants may not be able to make enough food to sustain healthy growth.
  • Transpiration – this is the process through which plants lose water into the atmosphere. Water is usually lost through very tiny holes on the leaves called stomata. As water is lost, it evaporates into the atmosphere, causing a cooling effect around the plant. This ensures that the plant’s temperature is kept in balance. If the plant’s temperature is too high, its cells may start dying.
  • Nutrient distribution – each part of the plant requires various nutrients in order to develop. Water helps the plant in transportation of nutrients macro and micro as well as the essential building blocks that are carbon and oxygen.

If you have an irrigation system, program  it for early in the morning so that the sun will burn off excess water and another cycle at early evening (5:00-6:00 p.m.) but not too late. Watering in the evening of hot summer nights, enables the right conditions for pathogens such as mold and fungus to thrive.   Another thing to remember if we have had a lot of rain – sprinklers don’t need to be run, so you may need to adjust your irrigation to keep from over watering your plants and giving them wet feet, overly wet conditions can lead to root rot.   If you have issues with drainage that is also something to consider when adjusting your sprinklers and irrigation. You want to water but not over water – your soil should be moist but not squishy.  If you soil becomes overwatered, please adjust your system or your schedule.  It may be that you are running the cycle too long.

If you are going on vacation don’t forget about your lawn and outdoor plants!  They need care while you are gone to stay healthy.  If you can’t get a neighbor or if you don’t have a irrigation system contact Back to Nature, it is a service we supply.  This is needed especially if you have new plantings the beginning stages are the most important to help your new plant adjust to it’s new home and stay healthy.  There are also a few tips to be found on the internet, using 2 liter bottles. See Link

Another thing to remember when it is hot is not to cut your grass too short; if you do the grass will burn up because the roots are already stressed due to hot soil temperatures and so  (just like applying sunblock to your body) longer grass during really hot weather allows the grass to hold in more moisture and keeps your turf stand healthier.

If your plants are looking puny it may be because they are getting under or over watered.  For questions or concerns about this on your property, please feel free to contact Josh Nunn at our office.  He would be happy to help you!  540-739-3947  Have a great summer!!!

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