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Sign up for Snow Removal!

Virginia snow tends to be heavy, wet, and unpredictable. Who’s to say whether you’ll be shoveling out from underneath a foot of snow or throwing on a pair of shorts as it all turns to rain.

One thing we do know: it’s going to snow this winter in the New River Valley. You trust us in the summer to mow your grass, now let us take snow care off your list! We offer winter options that include shoveling and plowing and de-icing. Here at Back to Nature, our goal is to provide you with peace-of-mind all year long!

Person using a snowblower 

Our plow trucks and crews are always eager to help when it comes to snow removal. From parking lot and driveway services to clearing walkways of snow, we understand that everyone’s needs are different. With our dedicated sales team, we make a custom plan for each property that will have you covered whether we get two feet or a simple dusting of snow. 

For our commercial customers, we’re equipped for snow treatment ahead of storms as well. Salt treatments are incredibly important to help keep your clientele safe during the storm. When your customers can trust that they’ll be able to access your business during inclement weather, you establish a reputation of safety and security for years to come. From snow removal services to the landscaping and maintenance jobs we perform year-round, we take all of work seriously here at Back to Nature.

Contracts run as long as the snow keeps falling. From the first flakes at the end of the year all the way to unexpected springtime storms, we’re ready when the snow starts falling.

Whether you’re a residential customer with a small driveway or have a large parking lot that needs to stay clear for your customers, we’re here to handle any job–large or small. Give us a call today to start the process to set up snow removal for your home or business.