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Safety During Trying Times

Here at Back to Nature, we’re serious about a few things: horticulture, our employees, and our community. Back to Nature’s open-book management allows our employees to understand the company’s numbers directly. For our community, we share company successes by donating time to the Give Back program. 

With COVID-19 and social distancing being on everyone’s minds and so important right now, we want to share our sense of openness with our customers. While we are an essential business and continue to work hard, it’s important that our customers feel safe while we perform this work.

Our entire staff wants to make it clear: we’re serious about safety here. Even before all of this social distancing stuff came about, the safety of our staff and customers has been a huge priority for us. Whether we’re providing our staff with proper PPE and training them to use it or ensuring each and every one of our job sites is safe for the public, safety is something we train everyday here at Back to Nature.

Now with coronavirus, we’re just taking things a step further and ensuring that everything we do is for the care and continued health of our staff and our community.

A few things we’re doing include:

  • Social distancing during meetings and whenever possible.
  • Handwashing every time we enter the building and making any hygiene products readily accessible to all employees.
  • Truck and tool sanitizing daily.
  • Ensuring that our customer interactions are kept to a minimum. Whenever possible, we will conduct business via email, over the phone, or outside.

We don’t know what the future holds but we are committed to adapting to the changing times. If a staff member is sick, they will be encouraged to stay home and be provided adequate sick leave. We want everyone around us to know that, while you’ll still see our trucks out and about, we’re doing everything possible to be safe.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. Everyone from our newest landscapers all the way up to James and McKenzie Ulmer are happy to answer any questions so that you understand what we’re doing, why, and how we’re making sure the public stays safe. 

The grass will continue to grow, properties will need maintenance and construction, and we’re proud to provide these essential services to our community. If you ever want to talk about our practices here at Back to Nature, please give us a call: 540-739-3947