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Spring Freeze Warning: Are Your Plants Protected?

spring freezing temperatures

Our community is extremely important to us here at Back to Nature! We try to provide the highest quality landscaping, construction, and horticulture possible here in the New River Valley.

That’s why we want to talk about what’s coming up this weekend: freezing temperatures!

While it often gets cold here in the mountains of Southwest Virginia and we know to expect frost this time of year in the NRV , a late-spring cold snap like this can have negative impacts on your landscaping and plantings, young and old. Today, we wanted to share some pointers with our community so you can know what to do ahead of Friday and Saturday night’s freezing weather.

Here are some spring freeze tips:

  • If possible, bring your potted plants inside! Some plants are frost and freeze tolerant; however, if you’re not sure, bring your plants inside for a night or two. That will help make sure they survive this cold weather. When it’s warm again, place them back outside!
  • For foliage in planters or gardens, you may not be able to move them. You can utilize row covers, tarps, or sheets to help keep those plants safe through a freeze.
  • Individual plants can be protected easily with a DIY cover. Simply cut a plastic milk jug in half and place it over your plant. They become a mini greenhouse and keep those spring stems warm!

As always, if you’re concerned about this freeze or have any other questions pertaining to adjusting for weather or general horticultural practices, please give us a call: (540) 739-3947