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Maintaining Your Summer Landscape

There’s no escaping it: this summer is a hot one here in the New River Valley! Warm months bring rapid growth–but only to a point. 

When the temperatures rise too much and the rain is scarce, we begin needing to take some precautions to protect our lawns and plants. Check out these tips to learn more about guarding your plants from the summer heat!

Mow less and more often

Set your mower blade higher and mow less each time. Longer grass is more resilient to heat and that’s very important when the daytime temperatures approach the triple digits.

Our maintenance crews routinely change their mowing height to account for seasonality, weather, and temperature. If you aren’t a Back to Nature customer already, get in touch with us now to get on our 2021 maintenance program!

Water early in the day

sprinklers on a summer landscape

Proper irrigation is vital this time of year for a lush, productive lawn or garden. If you can make time, consider watering in the mornings. This allows your plants to use the water and dry effectively during the day. Damp foliage leads to disease and fungal infections, which can harm many plant species.

Drip lines

One great way to keep your plants healthy and even automate your watering chores is with drip irrigation. Drip lines ensure that only your soil is watered and your foliage stays dry. This prevents infections like downy mildew that can decimate your valuable plants


Plants grow fast in summer, weeds included. Proper mulching helps smother out weeds as well as retain water near the roots, where plants need it.

Mulching can be done at different times annually; however, we’ll be mulching for our maintenance clients in August!

Overwhelmed? Give us a call

You’re not in this alone! We are horticulture specialists. Give us a call today to have all your questions answered. We’re happy to offer you advice, resources, or a quote to have the work completed by our experts. No matter how big or small the job, we’d love to help! If you have a quick question, you can also visit our Facebook page and ask there!

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