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Level Up with Multi-tiered Decks

Outdoor Living Spaces & Multi-tiered Decks

Extend your living space into the outdoors. Looking for a way to entertain outside and make the most of your backyard? Autumn is meant to be spent with family and friends creating quality memories. Let your backyard do the talking with a new space that has room for the whole family. Not only is it perfect for entertainment, but it adds the curb appeal you are looking for while also being functional. Knock out two birds with one stone by adding a multi-tiered deck to your outdoor living space.

A featured deck showing the beauty of outdoor living spaces










Make the most of your space by expanding upwards. A multi-tiered deck is the perfect solution for small backyards or yards that are looking for a creative design. Not only do they provide a shaded entertainment area on the bottom, but this space is also perfectly covered for rainy days and cold autumn nights. The top deck is an excellent extension of your living space, creating the perfect night-time entertainment area. Try adding lights to the top deck to create a modern look.

Back to Nature can maximize your space with a multi-tiered deck










Advantages of Multi-tiered Decks

Not only does a multi-tiered deck expand your living space, but the view from the top deck is enough in itself. With the beautiful mountains surrounding the New River Valley, a high deck will be sure to give you the scenic view you are craving, without breaking the bank. Space efficiency is another benefit from this style of deck. By subdividing the decks, you can double your space without taking up all of your backyard. Consider adding a multi-tiered deck and design with Back to Nature.

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