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Fall Leaf Removal: Why It’s Important

Why Do I Need To Remove Leaves From My Yard?

We all know that throughout the fall season, our front and backyards become completely covered with leaves. While it may be tempting to wait until all of the leaves have fallen to rake them, it’s important to understand why it is much better for the overall health of your lawn to remove them as soon as possible.

Here’s 6 reasons why removing fall leaves is essential for you and your yard:

  1. Leaves Deprive Your Yard of Oxygen.

    Grass is a key source of oxygen, and we all know this. It produces more for the environment at a greater rate than an identical area of trees!

  2. Leaves Smother The Grass.

    Don’t let fallen leaves deprive your grass of sunlight! Sunlight is necessary for its health and proper growth.

  3. Leaves Inhibit Water Evaporation.

    It’s important for your lawn to be able to breathe, and leaves prevent water evaporation allowing for this to happen.

  4. Leaves Trap Moisture Within The Yard.

    Do you want fungus growing in your yard? Odds are, you don’t. Trapped moisture can cause fungus to grow, which can lead to crown and root rot in your lawn.

  5. Piled Leaves Can House Dangerous Pests.

    Snakes and spiders love dark, damp places, and guess what? They’re going to love hiding out in your leaf clutter if it isn’t removed.

  6. Leaves Can Cause Safety Issues.

    Wet leaves can be slippery, especially when they’re wet, which can lead to falls and accidents. That’s why it’s important to get them removed!

Because leaf removal can be a time-consuming chore, let us take care of it! We provide a Fall Cleanup and Leaf Removal service as part of our Maintenance Packages

Our service includes:

  • All leaves and debris will be removed from all turf areas, mulch beds, patio areas, driveways or parking lots. 
  • Pruning of ornamental, perennials, and ground cover.
  • All debris from service will be cleaned and dumped off site unless we are notified of an area to put leaves on-site. 

Contact us today for more information about our fall services

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