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Winter Pruning 101

Did you know that winter is an adequate time to prune? 

Most people don’t. As the temperatures begin to cool, there is a common misconception that tree and shrub maintenance is not necessary. However, the reality is that winter and early spring are an excellent time for pruning, and here’s why.

Pruning trees and shrubs while they are dormant revitalizes them so that they grow back strong and healthy in the warmer months ahead. 

Winter time also makes it easier to evaluate the structure of the branches while they’re not covered with leaves. This allows our team to more easily identify dead or dangerous branches that should be removed to improve the overall shape, health, and safety of your trees. 

Another reason why winter pruning is beneficial is that it can help prevent tree or shrub diseases from spreading. This is because bacteria, fungi, parasites, and insects that are responsible for these diseases are either dead or dormant in the winter thus they are less likely to be transmitted throughout the winter pruning process. 

What about trees and shrubs that tend to bloom in early spring? If you prune those branches before the plant blooms, won’t you be cutting off all the flower buds? 

For early spring-blooming trees, it is recommended to delay pruning until after they’ve finished flowering. However, if the tree or shrub doesn’t flower until late spring, winter is a sufficient time to acquire pruning services

Winter Pruning is completed throughout December – March and is based on proper horticultural practices. Our team of professionals will take care of your trees and shrubs and have them looking both beautiful and healthy when spring circles around again. 

Our service typically pertains to specific ornamental trees and shrubs that are best to be pruned during winter dormancy. Some of these include dogwoods, red buds, and Japanese maples. 

If this service is desired, please contact your sales representative to schedule an appointment or discuss these specific requests. Don’t forget to ask about snow removal as well! Back to Nature is your four seasons source for expert care in the New River Valley.

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