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The importance of draining systems

It’s important to keep in mind how frequent storms affect your landscape, especially with the recent weather the New River Valley has seen!

Without proper drainage systems, pooling of water often results in dead lawns, trees, and shrubbery. Worst case, it could lead to structural damage to your home’s foundation. Many factors contribute to the effectiveness of drainage systems, such as the slope of your property, the condition of the soil, and the location and size of your house and other buildings on your property. Back to Nature considers all of these factors before installing any drainage system, to ensure you get the best!

Some solutions to reduce flood damage to your landscape include:

  • Area drains: help to prevent water pooling in lower areas on your landscape.
  • French drains: redirects water so that it will travel through a pipe placed below the affected area and run away from your landscape.
  • Retaining walls: divert water away from your home to control erosion and runoff.
  • Gutter Systems: capture runoff from roof and direct water away from your home’s foundation, which prevents erosion. 
  • Choosing more water-tolerant plants: they will soak up some water and are less likely to die.  

Using more than one of these techniques gives your landscape the best chance of surviving rainy weather. To learn more about services offered by Back to Nature, or to start the installation process, click here!

We offer many different types of materials so that your drainage system compliments your landscape or home. We use only the best materials to ensure durability so that your drainage system lasts through many storms.

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