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Aeration and Overseeding- An important part of the formula for a healthy lawn.

Every year, when the hot, sunny long days of summer hit, very high temperatures put heavy stress on your lawn.  Turf can suffer from pests, disease, and general wear and tear. It is important to get ahead of everything before we head into cooler weather.  One way to do this is to focus on aeration and overseeding.  Back to Nature Landscaping can come out and test your soil, the health of your lawn, and remove weeds so that proper aeration and overseeding can take place.

What is aeration? (The “A” in “A and O”)

Aeration is the process of coring holes in the soil to improve the quality and vitality of the lawn.  Aeration peels back the layers of compacted soil, enabling the passage of water and nutrients. This helps get fertilizer to the roots. Soil can become compacted after use in the summer, so this essential this time of year!

What is overseeding? (The “O” in “A and O”)

Overseeding helps existing turf become thicker and fills in barren spots with fresh grass seed. It makes it possible for nutrients and water to penetrate the root zone deeply. This is advantageous to soil-dwelling bacteria.  For more reasons, A and O can help your lawn check out this blog.

How can it help?

Especially after heat stress, aeration and overseeding can help your lawn breathe and come back even stronger next spring. Water, oxygen, and the right minerals are three things your turf needs in order to thrive to create a thicker lawn.  A healthier, stronger lawn is more capable of smothering weeds and staying green longer into the fall season.

Every August and September, it is important to start thinking about aeration and overseeding. Fewer brown spots and bare patches are good for your lawn and your curb appeal.  If you are interested in the long-term health of your lawn and would like a free consultation for a maintenance package, please give us a call today. We are currently accepting new clients for our turf care program. Now is the time to give us a call!