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How Back To Nature Landscaping Gives Back to the Community

 Working at Back to Nature is more than just clocking in and clocking out. There is a family-type atmosphere, a commitment to growth and a real sense of being a part of the community. A special way that the entire staff and crew give back to the community is just that… the Give Back Program! . The Give Back program at Back to Nature is an hour each week that is set aside and donated time from staff for a business meeting everyone attends. This money is put into a fund that goes to charitable donations and a yearly Yard-Angels program.

Every year, citizens across the New River Valley, from Pulaski to Giles and in-between submit names of deserving folks who need help with their landscape. It may be overgrown, too large to take care of, or not be safe or just not cosmetically appealing. The folks nominated are always well-deserved. This years nomination was Mrs. Dobbins. She is a former teacher here in Christiansburg and has touched the lives of so many people, including a few on the Back to Nature team!


Yard Angels is an opportunity to change the landscape and the life of a community member.  For this year’s transformation the team worked on the front and back yards, making the landscape easier to maintain for Mrs. Dobbins. This involved pruning, mulching and some rock work to help Mrs. Dobbins is able to enjoy her yard, even though she recently just got out of the hospital. In the past, the team has fixed stairs, cleaned-up lawns and cleared debris as well as beautifying spaces.  All things they do day to day at Back to Nature, but for a great cause.

In December of every year, the team is lucky enough to have the funds from the give back program to also be able to give the team money to go shopping for needy families.  The team gets to go buy whatever toys and presents they want and then the team wraps the gifts all together at the Back to Nature headquarters. Helping out families across the New River Valley brings a lot of joy for the team. These programs really help employees buy into the vision of Back to Nature and help foster a great work environment.

If you know of someone deserving of the Yard Angels program please nominate them here: https://www.backtonaturelandscaping.com/give-back/