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Turf Care for your Lawn

Local soil in the New River Valley doesn’t contain the necessary nutrients to provide the type of rich, healthy, and sustainable surface that beautiful turf requires.  That is why it is necessary to know how to take care of your turf.

Here are simple steps you can take to keep your turf in flawless shape:

Remove debris:

Ideally, you should remove debris as soon as you see them. Conduct a sweep of your grounds daily or any other convenient time for you. Don’t let the waste sit on the turf for long. Otherwise, mold, mildew and other contaminants may build up on your landscape.

Be mindful of Water Pressure:

If you are using a stronger water pressure you may mess up your turf, especially if it was recently installed. Pay close attention to the amount of water and the pressure that you are applying to your turf. 

Don’t let weeds take over your Lawn:

Weeds are always a struggle when it comes to a yard. Animals such as birds, will typically drop seeds in your yard causing weeds to grow. It is important to keep an eye out for them and work on the upkeep of your lawn. Weeds can takeover your lawn, and will if not unkempt correctly. 

Back To Nature’s Maintenance Program:

We know that not everyone has time to take care of their yard, that is why we offer our lawn care program. It includes scheduled fertilizer and weed control treatments on top of routine soil sampling to determine the most beneficial products to use on your property.

We analyze the soil’s fertility, pH level, and micro-nutrient makeup and then treat your lawn accordingly. Treatments are spread out over the course of the year and are broken out into individual applications to build soil structure and chemistry.

Back To Nature Landscaping offers a proven SIX Application Turf Care Program that guarantees you will have one of the best looking yards in your neighborhood. Additional/Extra specialty applications are available:

Soil Test: No more guessing! We take a science-based approach and are dedicated to the health of your turf. Allows for recommendations of specialty applications that will help benefit the soil chemistry; such as balancing soil pH and determining organic matter content. Once BTN receives test result any recommended additions to your treatment plan will be proposed.

 Turf App 1: Early Spring Visit: Typically February – March. Application of selective granular pre-emergent coated fertilizer. Spring green up, helps prevent crabgrass and other broadleaf weeds seeds from germinating. 

 Turf App 2: Late-Spring Visit: Typically April – May. Pre-emergent, broad-leaf post-emergent, and organic fertilizer. Crabgrass and broadleaf weeds control & Fertilizer prepares grass for growing season.

 Turf App 3: Early Summer: Typically June-July. Organic fertilizer. Adds nutrients to help strengthen and keep green color of turf into summer months.

 Turf App 4: Summer: Typically July-August. Broad-leaf weed post-emergent, crabgrass post-emergent, and fertilizer. Fertilizer strengthens plant during stressful summer months, kills crabgrass and broadleaf weeds that made it thorough the summer months. Summer months are an important time to raise your mowing height to reduce stress to your turf.

 Turf App 5: Early Fall visit: Typically September – October. Organic granular fertilizer application. High nitrogen fertilizer will be used to encourage fall root and shoot growth & Helps rebound from stressful summer months. 

 Turf App 6: Late Fall / Early Winter Visit: Typically November to December. Organic fertilizer application. Helps grass plant store carbohydrates for overwintering & keep green color through winter months. 

 Turf Aeration & Over-seeding Fall: Premium seed, coated for water retention and initial germination, will be applied at over-seeding proportions after coring. Germination of seed may take up to 21 days. Results will vary depending on environmental conditions. Watering is recommended and sometimes needed! Hole and plug dimensions are dependent on soil and environmental conditions at the time of service.

Contact us today for a free turf soil test and pair your turf applications with mowing to get the best looking yard in your neighborhood.