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About Back to Nature Landscaping & Construction

At Back to Nature Landscaping & Construction we strive to provide the highest possible quality of service while maintaining affordable prices for our clients. Our team is a diverse group of highly educated individuals who are extremely dedicated to growing our business. We enjoy building long-term relationships with our clients and strive to earn and keep their respect. Moreover, we pride ourselves on being honest and reliable. This philosophy has translated into rapid growth while maintaining our focus on quality and efficiency.


Whether you are currently in need of mowing or turf care for your yard or you’re planning an outdoor living space, we have the expertise to work with you from design to execution. We are unique from other contractors in the New River Valley in that we provide a variety of services, allowing us to build relationships and trust over time.

Mission Statement & Core Values

Mission Statement

Back to Nature strives to provide a unique work environment in a challenging industry that prioritizes our employees and our community over our bottom line. We do this by playing the Great Game of Business, utilizing an open-book management system, and living true to our core values at home and at work. We share the numbers, share the profits, and always go the extra mile for those we serve.

Core Values 

Passionate Performance

Back to Nature prides itself on using the proper horticultural and construction practices. We strive to hire, train, and retain individuals who are always seeking to improve their work simply because they love it. We encourage continuous improvement through employee education, black and white paths for advancement, and open-book management.

“Passion is priceless.”

Dig Deep

Some people find excuses to quit when challenges arise – we focus on solutions. Change and unexpected issues are a part of life. We take pride in facing these issues head-on, finding the solution, and moving forward with them.

“Ideas are nothing without execution.”

Be Real

Each employee at Back to Nature is an integral part of our culture. When we hold back our opinions, sugar coat the truth, or don’t keep our word, we hold back precisely what we should be bringing to the team. We understand that speaking our minds openly and following through with our promises strengthens the team, helps us identify problems early, and allows us all to sleep soundly at night.

“If you say you are going to do it, do it!”

The Human Element

We prioritize the well-being of our clients, vendors, partners, and employees. At the end of the day, our biggest objective is to vastly improve the lives of everyone the company touches and the communities they live in. We know that by being flexible when the human element arises, those we have an impact on understand that they are appreciated; people who are appreciated give back.

“The best marketing strategy ever: Care”

Are you looking for a place to begin or expand your career in the green industry? Does the mission statement and values align with your own goals and expectations? If so please consider a career with Back to Nature. You can learn about everything we offer by clicking the link below.

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