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New construction and remodels open the door to possibility for your home by letting you decide how to bring form and functionality inside and out. Our team of designers and construction professionals will help you visualize your ideal space and then bring your vision to life.

Read about the Back to Nature design process or scroll down to learn about the construction or remodeling projects we can build for you. Construction projects are becoming a bigger and bigger part of our business. We regularly update our construction portfolio to show you the latest work we’ve been doing.





Wondering if it’s time to remodel your kitchen? Sometimes it’s obvious, but if you’re on the fence and unsure if it would be worth the time and money consider these questions.

Do you spend a lot of time cooking?
Additional storage and a customized layout designed for how you use your kitchen could turn it into your favorite space in the house.

Are you planning to sell?
Updated homes sell faster than those in need of work. You may be only a few small improvements away from decreasing the time that your house is on the market.


Why do so many bathrooms end up with such strange layouts? You don’t have to have a bathroom worthy of a five-star resort for it to look great. Whether you’re looking for a facelift with new fixtures and modern style or a completely new bathroom from the ground up, simple changes can open up smaller spaces. It doesn’t take much to make your whole bathroom feel brand new.


Siding protects your home from rain, wind, snow, ice and much more. It takes constant wear and tear from the elements, the sun being the harshest of them all. Well-maintained siding also adds to the energy efficiency of your home. With new developments and options in siding we can easily achieve the style and color you’re looking for.


Nothing in your home takes a beating like your floors. Some areas get more traffic than others so it needs to be durable, but flooring can do so much more than that.
Slender and longer flooring options provide direction and height to a room while wider shorter styles create an open feel. Additional options like carpet, tile and even cork or reclaimed pallet boards offer unique attributes all their own.


The utmost important investment that you will make in your lifetime is the home you choose for your family to live in. Maybe years have passed or your family has expanded, but you have found yourself in a new dilemma of needing more space. You have made a sentimental attachment to this house so the only viable solution is an addition. BTN will listen to your wants and needs and together we can design an elegant addition of any type that will pay for itself time and time. And if you happen to sell down the road, you will also be adding value to a future sale. An addition is the answer to your problem that will deliver space for a growing family, more useful storage and keeping your loved ones grounded in their home. We’ll help you take advantage of every available opportunity.

Sheds/Storage Buildings

We offer a number of designs for sheds and storage buildings. They make it easier to keep your outdoor equipment safe, and have additional room in the home for other things. Outdoor storage is a great way to move your seasonal decorations around and other things so they do not clutter your garage. We will work with the amount of available space you have to create a shed or storage building that works well for your needs. If you are ready to get started with your outdoor living features, contact Back To Nature Landscaping & Construction today.



Pergolas are a striking way to make an architectural statement in your garden. They can even extend your outdoor living space and provide much needed shade. A variety of plants can be naturally integrated to grow around the structure adding to the curb appeal.



Here in the New River Valley, decks can be enjoyed almost year round. They’re great for entertaining or quiet relaxation offering extra square footage, and unique opportunities to increase storage. Depending on the look and style you want, we build decks with a variety of materials such as wood, composite decking and railing system.