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Have you struggled to get green, thick grass in the New River Valley? Do you want to transform your yard into a beautiful outdoor space for every season? Back to Nature Landscaping and Construction can help! We offer landscape maintenance packages that allow you to customize your Christiansburg lawn treatment and meet all of your landscaping needs. Whether all you need is a little yard and bed cleanup, or you want to start from scratch, Back to Nature has a package for you. We offer a specialized turf treatment in Christiansburg VA that combines researched fertilization with the natural composites in your specific soil to create a beautiful landscape. Contact us today to learn more!

Our Christiansburg lawn treatment includes seeding, aerating, and so much more. The local soil in the New River Valley doesn’t always contain the necessary nutrients to provide the type of rich, healthy, and sustainable surface that beautiful turf requires, so we analyze the soil’s fertility, pH level, and micro-nutrient makeup to apply the right turf with the right fertilizers and weed control treatments. Our turf treatment in Christiansburg VA includes regularly scheduled treatments throughout the year to build soil structure and chemistry for a great-looking lawn.

Our maintenance packages can also include: 

Mowing & Bed Maintenance
Aerating & overseeding
General Clean-up
Woody Plant Fertilizations

Snow & Ice Removal


At Back to Nature Landscaping and construction, we strive to provide quality services at affordable prices. We work with you to create the landscape and outdoor space of your dreams. Our Christiansburg lawn treatment is customized to your yard and your lifestyle, and we pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients that allow us to continue maintenance long-term. 

To learn more about Back to Nature and our Christiansburg lawn treatment, contact us today by calling us at +1 (540) 739-3947 or filling out our online contact form to get started today!



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