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Design Process

Back To Nature Design Process

1. Your vision
2. Initial consultation
3. Idea sketches
4. Client Review
5. Final Design
6. Build
7. Enjoy!

1. Your vision: Our design process truly begins with your desire to turn your home or yard into something uniquely your own.

Design Process - Client Vision

2. Initial consultation: We’ll come to you in order to get a better understanding of your goals and expectations. It’s the perfect way to start.

Design Process - Before back of house

3. Idea sketches: Our designers will sketch out a few ideas based on the space to find out exactly what you’re looking for.

Design Process - Idea Sketches

4. Client review: After you decide on a design we will work with you to continue to refine each detail as needed to ensure your satisfaction.

Design Process - Client Review

5. Final design: We will create a scaled drawing of your design with details on the plants and other materials selected.

Design Process - Final Design

6. Build: The next step is to bring your dream to life through the work of our skilled crews. Our goal is your complete happiness.

Design Process - Building Decks

7. Last but not least. Kick your feet up and enjoy the final product.

Design Process - Pool