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Give Back

We Give Back to our community 

In the early morning of every other Wednesday, we educate our employees about company financial information to help them better understand our landscaping business. This engagement is called Open Book Management and it has allowed us to give back to the New River Valley community while educating our employees. Each employee donates an hour of their wage each meeting which provides the funds to the give back program. If it wasn’t for our employees we wouldn’t be able to make this happen!

Yard Angels!

The Yard Angel project aims to lighten the gardening burden for a New River Valley residence. Yard work can be very taxing or impossible for someone who may be suffering from an illness or injury. This is an inspiring way for us to contribute to the community doing what we do best, landscaping.

Friends, family and caregivers are encouraged to nominate deserving people who appreciate, and require our expert landscape maintenance service. If selected Back to Nature will send our Yard Angles team out to complete a yard maintenance project. We hope our gesture will bring joy, ease the burden and promote healing of a deserving local resident.

Yard Angel Recipient Criteria:  

  1. Must be a resident of the New River Valley

  2. Must be unable to perform yard work when nominations are open

  3. Must have a yard that requires maintenance

Nominations WILL BE OPEN:  

June 1, 2023 – July 31st, 2023.


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