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Do you want to create an outdoor space at your home that you can be proud of? Have you let your yard get out of control over the winter and need a revamp for the spring? Back to Nature Landscaping and Construction can help with all of your New River Valley lawn treatment needs. We create each treatment plan with the client according to their needs and offer maintenance packages that allow you to choose which services to invest in. Whether you want a seasonal cleanup or a full lawn workup from scratch, our specialists can get it done. Our turf treatment in New River Valley VA combines researched fertilization with the natural composites in your specific soil to create a beautiful landscape. Contact us today to learn more! 

The natural soil composites in the New River Valley are often inhospitable to the types of thick, green grass that you want for your lawn. Our soil test researches the Ph and content of your yard so we can choose the right treatment plan for you. We then use one of our six care applications for our New River Valley lawn treatment. The application of the turf is only the start. We plan treatment options that are spread out over the year to build and maintain the perfect environment for your turf. In addition to our turf treatment in New River Valley VA, we offer:


Mowing & Bed Maintenance
Aerating & overseeding
General Clean-up
Woody Plant Fertilizations

Snow & Ice Removal


Our team strives to provide the best service possible for the right price. We work to build relationships with our clients to maintain beautiful outdoor spaces for years to come. Our New River Valley Lawn treatment is customizable to your yard as well as your lifestyle, and we push to create a low-maintenance landscape that will fulfill your wants and needs. 

To learn more about Back to Nature Landscaping and Construction, or to get started with your New River Valley lawn treatment, give us a call at +1 (540) 739-3947 or fill out our online contact form to begin your lawn consultation today.



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